Ecclesiastes 3:1
"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."


Counseling for Sexual Disorders

Author(s): Joyce J. Penner, RN
Prerequisite(s): Completion of phase 1 and 2
Price: $500
Description: Counseling for Sexual Disorders teaches the student how to help clients move beyond anxiety, remove demands and eliminate negative or failure experiences and feelings. The course includes a textbook and workbook. Counseling for Sexual Disorders is intended to help the counselor assist the client in moving forward and finding positive sexual health.

The primary goal of this course is to equip the counselor with useful knowledge around the issue of sexual disorders and dysfunction. Additionally, the course includes several forms and assessments including physical history, background history, sexual evaluation, sexual assessment feedback, sexual therapy plan, and various client assignments.

Note: This course leads to Advanced Certification in Sexual Therapy if the student completes this course along with the following courses:

  • Counseling for Unplanned Pregnancy & Infertility
  • Counseling for Homosexuality
  • Counseling for Problems of Self-Control

The course materials will be shipped to the student’s address on file or you can request digital files.

Please note: The students completing advance courses must receive a grade of 80% or better for course credit to be applied toward an academic degree. Any grade transferred for an advanced course receiving a grade less than 80% will not qualify to be applied to the N.C.C.A. degree transfer program.

Our Mission

A Season for All Counseling’s focus is to provide education and counsel that pleases God and brings Him glory. Its aim is to reach clients and prospective counselors, teaching them to expose mistakes, inner rebellion, and impart the truth, along with training them to live God’s way.

Counselors and clients alike will grow in understanding about how to use their God-given potential, talents, and purpose.