Ecclesiastes 3:1
"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."


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Dr. Jamie K. Hicks

Founder of A Season for All Counseling, LLC
Jamie Hicks qualifies as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Supervisor, and a Professional Member of the National Christian Counselors Association. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Clinical Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling with a concentration in Philosophy. Her Board Certifications are vast and comprise Child and Adolescent Therapy, Integrated Marriage and Family, and Group Therapy. She offers all of the above services (both counseling and education) through A Season For All Counseling, which is a Certified Academic Institution.

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Mission Statement

A Season for All Counseling is an academic institution focused on providing educational training and counseling services that are aligned with the words and values aligning with Godliness and aimed at His approval and pleasure. We work with both clients and aspiring counselors to identify human error, mistakes, and inner rebellion that play a role in poor decision-making and a variety of mental health issues.

Instead, we help them by imparting the truth and showing them a Godly way of life, allowing our clients to live a more fulfilling, rewarding, and Christ-centered life. Our goal is to help people understand not just their own potential but the potential that God has placed within them for growth.

Clients and counselors will learn more about their God-given talents and abilities and their higher purpose, which will help them work on their strengths and positive qualities.

Ultimately, the idea is to fulfill these missions through a certain set of goals and codes of conduct. They are as follows:

  • Work with God-loving and God-fearing clients and counselors to provide them with vital mechanisms, skills, and qualifications and allow them to practice counseling in a healing way. The aim is to heal internally and externally, find solace in God’s word and His guidance, and become a better human being overall.
  • Use God’s help, His knowledge, wisdom, and training, and become a counselor that works to guide, evaluate and empower their clients to be true, loving, honest, and expressive. This is both an earthly andan everlasting value that will live on in their spirit.
  • Work with individuals who have been hurt, dejected, abused, or torn down, treat them with kindness, empathy, warmth, and compassion, and gently guide them out of the depths of despair.
  • Train and educate counselors on effectively reaching out to and connecting with their clients’ minds, hearts, and souls for more effective learning.


With a clear mission to help those around us, we’ve decided to build a community of Christian counselors, therapists, and practitioners who understand the worth and value of this craft and have the ability and insight into Biblical knowledge.

We hope to become a more widely recognized educational institution where prospective counselors come to learn more about our method, theoretical frameworks, and knowledge base. We hope to establish Christian counseling as a more mainstream approach to dealing with mental and emotional struggles and spiritual blocks. We want to provide a safe space for Christians struggling with their faith and other issues, crises, and challenges of day-to-day life.

We hope to establish greater recognition for the effectiveness of Christ-Centered counsel and all the ways it benefits both the client and the counselor in strengthening their faith in God.

Christian Counseling

Our Christian Counseling services are available at our office and across the US through phone or virtual platforms. We have established a network of qualified counselors with extensive training, education, and knowledge to create a more meaningful service model that helps them connect with clients on the basis of a solid belief system. It’s one of the most invigorating, intensive approaches to counseling and therapy and ensures that clients feel heard, seen, and valued each step of the way.

Biblical counseling is expansive and includes many incredible facets, including  the following: 

  • Learning about the role that God has set out for usand finding ourselves in Christ to fulfill a higher purpose
  • Getting used to valuable new skills and qualities through the counseling process
  • Identifying sins and learning to repent forand avoid them in the future
  • Reorienting ourselves from ungodly ways of living, thought processes, and behaving and rejecting them
  • Understanding what our personal motivations, driving forces, and factors areand how we make decisions based on these impulses. Christian counseling sheds light on human fallacies and flaws and gives us a framework to cope with them
  • Addresses the problems that come with woundedness, hurt, ache, and unforgiveness,which can hold us back in multiple ways
  • Putting one’s trust in God instead of trusting others solely or counting on yourself to thrive or succeed and make your way through life

Biblical Counseling also borrows elements from Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Psycho-Educational Counseling, EMDR training, and Insight Oriented Therapy alongside a solid framework based on Biblical principles. We work to ensure that we’re always creating a safe, healthy space for our clients, no matter what their struggles, challenges, pain, or aches are. It pushes you to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually and develop various aspects of your life.

It’s a way to discover and understand everything that we struggle to change or control and how to overcome that sense of helplessness while still learning to handle the things we can control.

Counseling is not a magic fix to one’s problems, however, and while we do our best, there’s no guarantee all outcomes will be achieved. Individual success is reliant on clients’ adherence, acceptance, and application of all the knowledge and skills they receive during their sessions. It also greatly depends on their willingness to engage, keep their hearts and minds open, stay consistent with their sessions and counseling, and how truthful they are with themselves and their therapists. Since we’re focused on Christian counseling, another major element is one’s trust and belief in God, His guidance, and His will.

It’s not about finding someone to resolve your problems and fix your life on your behalf–but rather, acquiring valuable wisdom, insight, understanding, and learning stemming from God’s word. This faith and trust in God are precisely what brings you closer to worldly and spiritual success.

A Season for All Counseling offers faith-based and psychological counseling services for:

Christian Counseling Academic Programs

Become a Christian Counselor: Our Institution Specializes in Educating Christian Counselors Across the US using Distance Learning.

Trained Christian counselors don’t just work to share insights based on therapeutic principles; they take extra caution to follow the Spirit of God. Through a combination of traditional therapy and Biblical doctrine, they offer clients various tools to help them achieve greater success, peace, balance, and victory. We have a great success rate for clients who’ve thrived after using our therapeutic approaches and models.

We offer a variety of Christian Counseling degrees, including a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.  

We use an Online learning account for each program and focus on using a Biblical counseling model as well as secular methods that benefit our students. It’s one of the most intensive, deeply detailed Christian temperament analyses out there,  the Arno Profile System (APS). The latter immediately offers Christian Counselors an insight into their client’s individual strengths, flaws, and true requirements to thrive.  

The program then offers a step-by-step approach to counseling alongside individual supervision to help you improve your practice and work as a counselor.

While our degrees and certifications are part of an Online learning program, we ensure that the educational process fully prepares, trains, and provides Christian Counselors with everything they require in order to succeed.

Each graduate with our Christian counseling degrees has the skills and knowledge they need in order to truly thrive as a professional. The N.C.C.A.   offers them certifications, licensure, yearly conferences, and exciting avenues for further education and development.

Continued education helps:

  • Christians interested in earning a Christian Counseling License and Degree, so they can work as a professional counselor or therapist
  • Christians looking to develop and take on leadership roles and responsibilitiesand guide people around them
  • Pastors who are looking to effectively help, counsel, and support members of their congregation and communityand build a network with other professionals involved in similar work
  • Christians looking to work in ministry roles and help individuals within their community more meaningfully and effectively
  • Professional Christian counselors that want to be APScertified and gain expertise in a Biblical counseling model that is known to work
  • Christians that are looking for highly impactful,Christ-Centered counsel and support from trained professionals in their field

The benefits of Chrisitan counseling are far too immense to miss out on and downplay, whether you’re a prospective counselor or a client looking for support and guidance. It’s not an easy process and one that forces you to challenge yourself, pushes you outside your comfort zones, and makes you confront your own preconceived notions, beliefs, and ungodly ways–but it’s just as rewarding to pursue that.

When you’re done studying or participating in Christian counseling, you will have renewed faith, belief, and conviction in what you’re doing, what the Bible teaches you, and your expectations of others. It’s a truly transformative process both inside and out.

Our Mission

A Season for All Counseling’s focus is to provide education and counsel that pleases God and brings Him glory. Its aim is to reach clients and prospective counselors, teaching them to expose mistakes, inner rebellion, and impart the truth, along with training them to live God’s way.

Counselors and clients alike will grow in understanding about how to use their God-given potential, talents, and purpose.